The /NOW Page Movement

Don't have the focus to do what you should do?

Too many shiny objects to keep you away from the personal goals?

If you're a website owner, a /NOW page will be your antidote. Derek Sivers announces the The /NOW Page Movement which will help you focus and prioritize.

I only encourage people to do things which I myself would do.

So, now... I'm home in Hong Kong, China.

Family: My daughter is 18 months old now. She loves to play with people. Quite an outgoing soul. But she can also play by herself, in the zone, for a long period of time. My wife and I are busy getting her a nursery school to have her experience the group life. At night, whenever possible, I'll block out one to two hours to play with her. Sometimes, we watch The Boss Baby.

Friends: Stay true to the quality philosophy. Go deep with meaningful relationship.

Health: Swimming twice a week. Jogging with minimal set of workout twice a week.

Learning: still in the total immersion of product management.

This update was Aug 28, 2018.

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