The /NOW Page Movement

Don't have the focus to do what you should do?

Too many shiny objects to keep you away from the personal goals?

If you're a website owner, a /now page will be your antidote. Derek Sivers announces the The /NOW Page Movement which will help you focus and prioritize.

I only encourage people to do things that I myself would do.

So, what am I doing now?

君子務本,本立而道生。(Constructing the path with no end, by building the strength from the core within, as a Junzi.)

Living in Hong Kong, China, these are the areas I'm focusing on:

Family: My value hierarchy is to put family first, always. Being a great (not good enough) husband and father is my number one goal.

My daughter is turning four years old soon. I love playing with her. She's an easy-going soul with a lot of energy. My wife and I put her in a nursery school to experience social life. She can do either solitude or group time.

Friends: Deepen friendships with true friends. Make new friends who have the attributes to become true friends. Value deep relationships. Avoid building shallow relationships in the first place, at all costs.

Learning: Still total immersing in product management and the general business practices, with a focus on the global supply chain. Besides, writing a series of books on the topic of how to achieve world peace.

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Last updated: 2 Jan 2021