My Little Story

This is the about page of One Way Ticket To the Future that originated as a dream - working with my hero Derek Sivers.

He is a musician, programmer, writer, and entrepreneur. In order to pitch him for a writer job in his company, Wood Egg, I made up this blog, brick by brick, accumulating 6 months of posts to showcase my writing skill.

A year later, I landed a job working directly with him.

Ever since that moment, this blog became my pride. I had the obsession the internet and technology were the driving force of the world.

Brick by brick, I learned to code and became a programmer.

Brick by brick, I learned tech product management and became a product manager.

This is where I work now. I love what I'm doing. It all started with that little brick.

- Aero

P.S. Some people want to read the old posts. But sadly, they're gone and become the lessons learned for me.